Alex Moore is a feminist, a writer, and a high school English teacher.  She’s a fast reader, a slow runner, and knits at a medium pace.

Her interests include gender studies, feminist politics, the next generation of feminists, educating young men about toxic masculinity, and popular media’s representations of young women and sexuality.

Likes: Twin Peaks, popcorn, dogs, Ariel Levy, Vanessa Grigoriadis, Joan Didion, Radiohead, Tom Waits, Stephen King, YA fantasy novels, Veronica Mars, Clue, coffee, Agent Dale Cooper, equality, school, the crunchy cookie stuff in the middle of ice cream cakes, Hillary Clinton, Seattle, The Hood Internet, TLC, paneer, red wine, easy knitting patterns, running more than four miles but less than six.

Dislikes: BOB from Twin Peaks. Crowds. People who don’t believe facts. Stepping on Legos.

Hopes for the future include: Cigarettes that won’t kill you. Presidential impeachment. A return to general normalcy.

Find me on Twitter and Spotify (alexmoore0118).